About Versaco Associates

The mission statement behind Versaco Associates is to create a network of skilled individuals within the construction sector that can be partnered with businesses looking for skilled services within the industry quickly. Versaco is fully versed on what skill sets are expected within the world of construction, which allows it to ensure that only the highest level of service is being delivered to its clients.

When it comes to finding associates within the construction industry, you need a company that is fully experienced, with networking, and understanding what is required for each separate contract. Only then will a company be able to fulfil your requirements when fulfilling roles with freelancers. Employing the services of Versaco Associates not only ensures that you have access to a reliable freelance and interim solution, but you also have a company that works alongside you, thus ensuring you only get the best solution for your project.

Freelance and Interim Solutions

  • A great understanding and in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, meaning that networking can be done quickly, and your project can get started sooner rather than later.
  • An expert solution when it comes to providing freelance candidates who have the knowledge and experience to carry out aspects of your project in a pro-active manner.
  • A detailed overview of what candidates are available at what time, meaning that a vast amount of time is saved when allocating a freelancer for your specific project
  • As well as retaining candidates that are tried and tested, Versaco Associates will also source new talent, and again ensure that they are familiar and experienced within the sector.

Permanent and Retained Placement Solutions

As well as offering a number of freelance and interim recruitment solutions, Versaco Associates is able to provide clients with a permanent or retailed freelance, depending on their requirements. As such, its retained placement solution is able to provide clients with the following benefits.

  • Versaco Associates is able to converse with freelancers and find a proactive placement for your project needs.
  • The providing of clear and transparent shortlists in relation to prospective freelancers.
  • Versaco Associates will work with clients in assessing the background of potential candidates to ensure that freelancer used is one that is the most adaptable to your project requirements.
  • In-depth industry and market knowledge means that Versaco Partners is able to advise clients on instances of remuneration regarding certain placements.

Why Use Versaco Associates?

Versaco Associates understands how important it is to stay abreast of developments within the construction industry. Similarly, it also understands that in some instances, a new approach is required.  As such, it uses its background in the industry and partners them with more modern methods to ensure that clients are only given access to freelancers that can make a difference to their project.