Clients in Versaco Associates

Versaco Associates deals with a number of white-collar roles within the construction industry, and understands how vital it is to have a workforce that is able to call upon a vast amount of experience and knowledge. As such, itโ€™s networking efforts ensure that only those who are fully proficient in their role are considered for any projects being put forward by our client. Versaco Associates has built relationships with a number of different freelancers, and is confident that it is able to provide a reliable solution for your project each and every time. An example of the freelancers and interim staff available are as follows:

  • Site Engineers
  • Site Managers
  • Site Supervisors
  • Quantity Surveyors

Versaco Associates understands that there can be a number of diverse roles within the industry, and as such, stays abreast of developments within the construction industry to ensure that a number of roles can be fulfilled easily.